Having a Professional Presence: Elevate the Look of Your Building

You certainly put your all into your business, but that may not be enough if your office space is outdated, dingy, and unwelcoming. When you invite clients over to discuss your big plans, the last thing you need is your dilapidated flooring acting as a distraction, and possibly making them reconsider doing business with you. From high-end to casual customers, how your business looks says a lot about you. Whereas outdated carpeting may send them to quietly find another company to work with, an elegant and sophisticated floor medallion will have your visitors ogling over your work space and asking where you got your flooring done. While it is about aesthetics, upgrading the look of your building also showcases a sense of professionalism and care.

MedallionsDepot_SlideShow9A stone, tile, or marble medallion is a simple way to quickly invigorate a room. Mundane white tiling can suddenly come to life with a beautiful floor medallion. With materials of superior quality such as marble or granite, a medallion inlay makes for a phenomenal talking piece.

If, when you’re researching floor medallions, you can’t seem to find a design that pertains to your refined taste, there is a solution. Customization! A personalized medallion can include your company’s logo, or even a symbol that represents an organization or sports team! Custom mosaic medallions have limitless options and it’s worth it to do a little research before settling for just any design. Whether it’s customized or not, a mosaic floor medallion will bring the kind of elegance and authority you need to create a space that is both respectable and exudes potential.

At Medallion Depot, we offer our customers a wide selection of premade floor medallions, as well as the option to customize! From churches, to banks, universities, and organizations, businesses all over the United States are turning to Medallion Depot. We use only the finest granite, marble, and tile for our inlays and work with the precision necessary to provide exceptional quality. For your custom designs, we use the latest, high-tech CAD and scanning software to ensure the look you want is exactly what you receive. If you have materials such as porcelain or ceramic that you’d prefer to see in your design, we’ll use just that! From round to square, medallions or backsplashes, you can depend on Medallion Depot to deliver! Visit us online today to get started!