When shopping for a new medallion, there are several choices out there. Despite these choices, however, we believe that at Medallion Depot, we provide the very best choice for anyone searching for a new medallion. There are several reasons why we believe this, but some of the main factors we believe set us apart are:

Medallions Quickly Made to Order

We know that it can be a pain to order your custom medallion, only to have to wait long periods of time for it to arrive. That’s why when you order a medallion from Medallion Depot, it is made quickly and shipped right to you, so you can receive your medallion and have it installed ASAP.

Free Color Customization

A medallion can have a truly gorgeous pattern, but if it doesn’t come in the color you want, it can be a terrible fit for your home or office. At Medallion Depot, we offer free color customization for every purchase, so your medallion will perfectly match your current color schemes.

High Quality Materials

The quality of your medallion’s material can be the difference between it lasting a few years, or a lifetime. When we create a medallion, we only use the finest in marble, granite, and travertine to ensure that it’s quality matches its beauty. This is just another way we ensure that we create the finest medallions on the market.

Made in the USA

At Medallion Depot, we believe in keeping our operation in the USA. So when you order a medallion, you can be sure that your money is going to help support local economies, and not foreign manufacturers. We believe that nothing beats American-made products, and that’s why every aspect of Medallion Depot is always made right here in the USA.