There are dozens of home improvement stores that people go to everyday. And everyday people buy identical products that they don’t get to design or modify! Although we carry a variety of pre-made medallions and backsplashes that you can choose from we specialize custom floor medallions and the ability for you to customize what’s in your home!


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Custom Materials

Our team knows that there are an infinite number of designs and motif possibilities out there! For instance; you may want your logo placed in the foyer, a hotel may want several custom medallions or mosaics placed throughout their lobby, an organization or religious group may want a custom medallion with a religious symbol, or a sports group or school may want their logo placed on floor medallions their gym or locker room. The commercial and residential stone mosaic possibilities are literally endless!


Your home or business deserves to have the highest quality materiels and meticulous attention to detail. That’s why our team of experts only provides the best! Our priority is to provide you with the best quality backsplash or medallion at the best price. Our teams priority is to ensure that your order is exactly what you want. From the color, to texture, dimensions, and overall look we are here to help ensure you get everything you could possibly want out of your next floor medallions. Medallion Depot is committed to providing you with superior customer service and professional medallion inlay products that are carefully delivered to your home or business! Let us know how we can help you have the unique and elegant space of your dreams!

e understand that everyone needs options. That’s why we choose to offer you a wide variety of colors and textures to find the perfect combination for your space! One of the first options that we offer our customers is the ability to choose the materials that your custom medallion, backsplash, or border is made out of!

We want your home or business to be something that you can be of! Learn about the great options for high quality materials that you can choose from today!

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